Skytango Debuts Marketplace for Buying/Selling Drone Services and Video

Skytango, a Dublin, Ireland-based start-up, has launched a global drone marketplace where customers can either buy drone services, or operators can offer their services.

Launched today at the Drones Data X Conference, the marketplace serves as a place for commercial users to buy drone video, post jobs, browse and book operators, request bids, and pay through Skytango’s payment system. Operators can curate and sell their aerial footage and receive payment as soon as a video is downloaded by a client.

Skytango has partnered with global music company Audio Network, aerial cinematography business Quadrocopter, drone insurance company UAV Protect and commercial broker DroneCover. The company says it is looking to expand its network of partners.

The marketplace also includes a real-time map (an Uber-like style) of drone pilots and auditing tools to check the legality of video footage. Producers and editors from BBC News already signed up as content buyers, says Skytango.

“Skytango is a fantastic and timely addition to the professional creative toolbox, marrying the best aerial footage with an easy-to-use license platform, safe in the knowledge that all is compliant and ready for broadcast,” says Scott Pearce, senior vice president of channel strategy at Audio Network, a global music company.


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