Sky-Futures, Flyability Team Up on Industrial Inspections


Drone-based inspection services provider Sky-Futures has partnered with commercial drone manufacturer Flyability on what the company says is a fully integrated solution for drone-based industrial inspection.

The Flyability Elios is a collision-tolerant drone that can gain access to small, complex spaces in which manned entry is not possible or practical. Sky-Futures says it is packaging the drone with Expanse, its software designed for end-to-end management of drone-based industrial inspection data. The software allows clients to control their data, managing operations and data analysis and creating reports accessible to all stakeholders through the cloud.

Elios and Expanse are now being provided as a complete solution for data capture, processing and distribution.

“As an early adopter of our technology, Sky-Futures has been a long-term partner and supporter of Elios,” says Patrick Thévoz, CEO and co-founder of Flyability. “Through this bundle package, we intend to provide our customers with the greatest flexibility and efficiency in the way they can disseminate and post-process data gathered with Elios.”

“We’re excited to be continuing and deepening our relationship with Flyability,” adds James Harrison, CEO and co-founder of Sky-Futures. “Through continued joint innovation, we are focused on providing both our customers the best solution for industrial inspection in confined spaces. This now extends from data collection to include data presentation and analysis through our Expanse software.”

Photo of the Flyability Elios, courtesy of Flyability.

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