Sky Eye Releases FLIR Camera Control Software for its UAVs

Stockholm, Sweden-based Sky Eye Innovations has released a new camera control software, SENSE COLLECT, which enables the unique remote control of FLIR sensors for the company’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) packages.

The software was developed on the latest FLIR software development kit and fully supports post-analysis in FLIR Tools and Tools+, as well as Research IR.

“Our goal is to support smarter sensors for sophisticated optical gas and thermal imaging,” explains Daniel Sällstedt, CEO and founder of N.M.M Innovations, the company behind the Sky Eye platform. “In today’s fast-growing UAV market, sensor technologies are often the overlooked secret, the quality that makes the UAV solution distinctive and successful in the field.

”Our platform is designed to fit a wide variety of sensors. With the integration of software to our extreme-performance UAVs, we enable our users to plug and play nearly all of FLIR Systems ‘high-end optical gas and thermal sensors – even the handheld T-series and GF-series units, which opens up for a whole new range of possibilities for our customers’ operations.”

Patrik Hellström, chief operations manager of the Sky Eye platform, adds, “You can toggle trough pre-set palettes and measurement profiles, set temperature range and record radiometric data, together with high-resolution visual video. Integrated to the Sky Eye UAV platform, it’s the perfect tool to collect valuable data for analysis and to achieve a predictive maintenance planning.”Sky Eye Releases FLIR Camera Control Software for its UAVs


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