Several Draganfly UAVs Obtain Compliant Status from Transport Canada


Saskatchewan-based Draganfly Innovations Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Trace Intelligent Systems, says Transport Canada now considers Draganfly’s declaration of compliance for four unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to be complete.

This status allows Draganfly to issue statements of conformity to clients seeking to become compliant operators in accordance with Staff Instruction 623-001.

The following models are now considered compliant by Transport Canada:

  • Draganflyer X4-P;
  • Draganflyer X4-ES;
  • Draganflyer Guardian; and
  • Draganflyer Commander.

Draganfly explains that companies flying UAVs for civilian applications in Canada must hold a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) or qualifying exemption from Transport Canada. An SFOC is issued on a regional basis and can be approved for up to a one-year term.

By meeting additional requirements, including operating a compliant UAV, clients can apply to become compliant operators. The company says this creates the opportunity for greater national flexibility and a longer SFOC term, including authorization for Canada-wide operations and terms of up to three years.

Only six UAVs have received this designation from Transport Canada since the compliancy process began, says Draganfly, adding that it is the first company to obtain compliant status for multiple UAVs.

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