Sentera Launches Data-Management Solution for Tower Inspectors

Sentera LLC, a drone, sensor and software company, has launched its OnTop platform, a proprietary software solution for inspection imagery of the cellular and broadcast tower industry.

The OnTop platform comprises a mobile app and desktop client that automatically sync with one another. Together, they offer the unique ability to analyze image data and record the exact location, date, time and asset type associated with each and every inspection photo. Photos are assigned to the correct site and are presented in a clean, searchable map view, says Sentera.

The platform lets users annotate and tag imagery then instantly share the photos with teams and organizations – enabling tower owners, builders, climbers and service providers to build a network of data points and unlock the data contained within inspection imagery. All imagery is saved to a secure, 256-bit AES + SSL encrypted cloud server and, once uploaded, is available instantly anywhere in the world.

“Our advanced software solution fills an essential industry need to effortlessly collect and manage thousands of critical asset images,” explains Greg Emerick, executive vice president of business development at Sentera. “Everyone in the value stream can quickly benefit from having access to highly organized, searchable, shareable and contextually relevant inspection photos anytime, anywhere.”


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