Sentera Debuts Omni UAV Package for Inspections, Agriculture

Minneapolis-based Sentera LLC has introduced the Omni unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) package, a quadcopter fixed with Sentera’s gimbaled, double 4K sensor.

Empowering users to collect precise data from obscure angles, an Omni + Double 4K Sensor package simultaneously captures macro and micro data and provides users with distortion-free imagery, says Sentera.

The Omni UAV is available in inspection and agriculture configurations: Each standard configuration ships with one Omni UAV, one installed double 4K sensor, two batteries and a hard-sided case. The inspection double 4K sensor features dual zoom lenses, and the agriculture double 4K sensor simultaneously captures high-resolution color and near-infrared data.

In addition, the company says, the drone’s dual-zoom levels allow users to review a wide-angle field of view and audit a structure; then, they can instantly see 12 mp of detail with the narrow-angle lens.

According to Sentera, each complete package is offered at $13,210.

Weighing 8 lbs., the Omni is compatible with a variety sensors – carrying each for up to 25 minutes of flight. Payload compatibility includes Sentera double 4K, as well as DJI Zenmuse X3, Z3, XT and Z30 sensors.

“The lightweight Omni with double 4K sensor on an upward-looking gimbal provides users with an unprecedented field of view while inspecting difficult-to-reach areas, such as the bottom of antenna connections or the underside of bridges,” explains Greg Emerick, executive vice president for Sentera.

Sentera’s AgVault and OnTop open software platforms manage the images and data collected during flight and allow near-real-time reading and analysis of the data, including working with other data sources via application programming interfaces. Data is then cataloged and stored for future analysis.


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