senseFly Launches ‘Always On’ Service Package for eBee Plus Drone


Mapping drone producer senseFly has launched Always On, what the company calls a “worry-free” service package for operators of the eBee Plus drone, a large-coverage photogrammetric mapping system.

Always On, available as a bundle option alongside every new eBee Plus drone purchase, is supported by senseFly’s network of distribution partners across the U.S.

In the event of a drone hardware problem – whether the result of user error, a naturally occurring event or a technical issue – U.S. customers can contact their local senseFly representative to have their drone replaced for free within 48 hours. (Within the standard, two-year Always On service period, it covers up to two non-warranty drone replacements.)

Jean-Thomas Celette, chief sales and marketing officer at senseFly, notes that the new service package allows operators to “virtually eliminate the issue of project disruption.”

In addition to 48-hour, no-questions-asked drone replacement, Always On also extends the eBee Plus’ limited warranty from one to two years and includes free scheduled services, as well as free battery replacements.

“As a professional drone service provider, we always ensure that we are prepared for any challenges we may encounter in the field,” says Josh Kornoff, senior director of drone engineering at Measure. “This means we supply our team with backup aircraft and spare parts to adequately support every mission. Always On will help us reduce the amount of capital we have invested in backup equipment.”

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