Sen. Schumer Urges Feds to Set Drone Rules Now, Not Later


465_schumer2 Sen. Schumer Urges Feds to Set Drone Rules Now, Not LaterSen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has spoken out against the lack of regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and is asking feds to pick up the pace.

According to an Associated Press/CBS New York report, Sen. Schumer says the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Commerce Department need to set the rules for small UAVs sooner than September 2015, the date in which it is said to happen.

Schumer told CBS reporters that it is currently legal for someone to “send a drone and peer into our living room or bedroom window.” Besides privacy, the senator is reportedly concerned with safety and referenced potential collisions with UAVs and manned aircraft.

Last month, two men were arrested for allegedly almost crashing their UAVs into a police helicopter near the George Washington Bridge in New York City. Conflicting reports followed as to what really happened, including an explanation from the drone operators themselves.

New York has recently been home to some other widely reported – and sometimes controversial – drone events, such as Rep. Sean Maloney’s wedding in Cold Spring or Martha Stewart’s aerial photo shoot of her farm in Bedford.

Read the full AP/CBS New York report here.

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