Scottish Rugby Union Putting Drones to Use

The Scottish national rugby union team is integrating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into its player performance analyses, facilitated by a tailored training course designed and delivered by Consortiq.

According to Consortiq, a UAS services provider based in both England and Maryland, 10 performance analysts from the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) are in the middle of Consortiq drone training courses. They are expected to graduate with the completion of their flight assessments once the Autumn International tournament ends this month, the drone company says.

Drones will eventually be used to analyze the performance of the players, such as their formations and tactics, by providing a bird’s-eye view of the team as they train. Consortiq says a team of its instructors has been providing training to the SRU team at Murrayfield Stadium and readying them for their upcoming flight assessments.

“They knew they wanted the course, and within a very short of period of time, we arrived there and delivered that training in line with the timescale that they required,” says Séamus Kearns, customer success manager at Consortiq. “We can tailor our services to meet whatever needs. They have tight demands, and we were ready and willing to deliver to these requirements.”

After this initial batch of operators is fully trained and certified, Consortiq expects to bring on board more students.

Recently, Consortiq says it was also contracted by Celtic Football Club to provide UAS training for scouting players. In both cases, Consortiq’s drone operations software, CQNet, has been integrated into the solution to plan missions, log flight data and mitigate risk.


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