School is in Session: Auburn Ready to Open UAS Flight School

Alabama’s Auburn University is opening the doors to its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved, publicly available unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flight school.

The program’s first class will begin on Sept. 15 and will be offered on a weekly basis over the next several months, according to the university.

Auburn first received its commercial exemption in April for the operation of the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ and recently received an amendment for the PrecisionHawk Lancaster Hawkeye Mk-III, DJI Phantom 2, DJI Inspire 1, 3D Robotics Iris, 3D Robotics Iris+, Trimble UX5, Auburn EasyStar and Auburn War Eagle Fixed Wing.

The objective of the flight school, according to the course description, is to provide a “thorough understanding of what procedures and documentation are required to obtain FAA approval and authorization to conduct commercial UAS operations in the National Airspace System and to teach basic flight maneuvers using a quadro-copter.”

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