Sanborn to Deliver Wide Range of Commercial UAS Services

Colorado Springs, Colo.-based The Sanborn Map Co. Inc. has been granted a commercial exemption to operate its vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) for aerial surveying.

Several applications include damage assessment and response efforts, site mapping, water resource mapping, volumetric assessment and asset estimation, highway survey and accident mapping, corridor asset review/assessment and mapping, and precision agriculture.

In addition to providing UAS flight services, Sanborn will offer a full range of image processing and analysis services for all imagery collected, including cloud storage of customer data. Sanborn also will provide processing and distribution services to third-party UAS operators.

The company’s UAS has a 15-pound payload capacity, enabling the use of a wide range of sensors, including video, multispectral, infrared, thermal and hyperspectral. The aircraft features a full, military-grade autopilot with GPS waypoints and laser altimeters that are integrated with its sensor payload. Additionally, the rugged aircraft has maximum stability in winds up to 50 mph.


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