Sanborn Gives Colorado Golfers Bird’s-Eye View of Courses

The City of Denver has contracted with the Sanborn Map Company Inc. to obtain unmanned aircraft system (UAS)-captured imagery of the city’s seven public golf courses and its Aqua Golf facility.

The city will use the images for marketing, as well as for giving golfers a bird’s-eye view of every hole with realistic fly-overs down each fairway from the tee box to the green.

Sanborn employs a UAS from Denver-based Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The drone can produce engineering-grade digital terrain models exceeding 2-inch accuracy, multispectral frame imagery at sub-centimeter resolution and vibration-free video. Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration granted Sanborn a Section 333 exemption for commercial UAS operations.

“We launched our new golf website earlier this year, and now we look forward to adding the Sanborn imagery,” says Leslie Wright, Denver Golf’s director of marketing. “Our course locations range from densely populated urban areas to mountainous terrain with elevations above 7,000 feet.”

Sanborn’s UAS video of the 17th hole at Denver’s Evergreen Golf Course can be found here.

Photo, captured from YouTube, courtesy of Sanborn


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