San Diego Wind Tunnel Provides Testing Air for UAVs

505_476525015 San Diego Wind Tunnel Provides Testing Air for UAVsA San Diego facility is allowing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators to test out their aircraft in different – and sometimes extreme – conditions before they are flown out in the real world.

The San Diego Wind Tunnel, according to the company website, provides a ‘unique testing capability for the aerospace and aviation industry’ – which involves a tunnel circuit with ‘low turbulence, clean airflow and uniform velocity distribution.’

San Diego 6 reports that the facility has seen a rise in popularity in recent times partially because of the burgeoning UAV industry. Operators and engineers can use the wind tunnel to test vehicles, observe how they operate under varying conditions and compile data.

Wind speeds in the tunnel go up to 270 mph, but most UAV testers stay within a range of 15 to 30 mph, the report says.

The full San Diego 6 article is available here.


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