San Diego Start-Up to Launch UAV Training Video Series


Spark Aerial, a San Diego start-up founded by three engineering graduates, says it has exceeded 100% of its Kickstarter funding goal of $5,000 for a video training series and online learning resources for aspiring quadcopter pilots and cinematographers.

The funds will cover the cost of production, the company says, with 22 days still remaining for the campaign, as of Aug. 18.

Spark Aerial's funded training series will teach the basics of flying all types of camera-equipped unmanned aerial vehicles. The training videos will include camera controls and editing skills for capturing and producing video footage. Spark says it also intends to build an accompanying Web portal to track training and flight progress.

‘We're ecstatic that the KickStarter community is behind us and helped clear our initial goal so quickly. We're most excited to connect with backers,’ says Radley Angelo, co-founder and chief pilot of Spark Aerial.

‘We've had an enthusiastic response from beginner pilots and cinematographers, as well as increasing inquiries from resellers and product manufacturers,” he adds. “The rapid growth of the drone user community has made it clear that there is industry and consumer demand for improved training tools.’

The Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

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