Roofing Consultant Finds Success With New Drone

Source: IRSC

Interstate Roof Systems Consultants Inc. (IRSC), a national roofing consultant with offices in three states, is touting the success of its new infrared camera-equipped drone in its collection of diagnostic tools.

According to the company, its new DJI Inspire 1 drone equipped with a FLIR Zenmuse XT infrared camera can reduce the time for a roof assessment by as much as 50%. The aircraft also has access to angles and perspectives not available via standard inspection techniques, notes IRSC, which operates in Wisconsin, Colorado and Illinois.

Furthermore, says the company, drone technology tremendously enhances project safety, as workers don’t have to navigate rooftop obstacles, dangerous pitches or inclement weather.

Two IRSC roofing technicians are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly the drone, the company says.

“Our new drone technology creates access to roofs that are typically out of reach or extremely costly to access – ones that often require expensive lifts or a crane with a man-basket,” says David Velcheck, president of IRSC. “Our technicians can safely cover a large area of roof with a drone and focus on areas that need immediate attention, which the drone’s infrared thermography quickly identifies. This drone capability saves our clients time, money and worry by being able to pinpoint damaged roof section(s) that trigger water leaks, interrupting day-to-day business or, worse, creating health hazards to their people.”

In one situation, a new facility manager for two commercial/industrial buildings faced recurring roof leaks over an office and laboratory in the buildings. He needed to quickly understand the condition of the roof systems, as water entry was damaging the newly remodeled laboratory and creating potentially hazardous conditions with contents stored in its space.

In turn, IRSC used its new tool to help the manager provide crucial documentation to the organization’s stakeholders, who previously did not understand the severity of the roof’s deteriorating conditions. IRSC completed the assessment in one night in a scenario that would typically take technicians two to three nights to manually assess, according to the company.

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christopher gardner
christopher gardner
2 years ago

Love these great stories about the benefits of using UAV’s