Rescuers Use Unmanned Aerial System to Find Missing CT Hikers

782_521200153 Rescuers Use Unmanned Aerial System to Find Missing CT HikersA rescue team and a DJI Phantom unmanned aerial system (UAS) were responsible for successfully locating a pair of lost hikers in North Canaan, Conn., on Jan. 1.

The HamletHub reports that a local EMT lent his aircraft at no cost to the first responders, who flew the UAS over the mountain in which the men were lost.

Through the live aerial footage sent to a monitor via GoPro, the rescuers were able to spot the men’s campfire, and the men spotted the UAS’ strobe lights.

Brian Ohler, the drone owner/EMT, told the HamletHub that the operation “was the first real-world mission” for the UAS, which he bought for his business called the Patriot Safety Group. On a Facebook post for the group, Ohler wrote, “I was honored to play a very small role in the search effort with the use of our new drone. It certainly proved its capabilities and performed flawlessly.”

The full coverage can be found here.


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