Rescue/Recovery Parachutes for UAVs Debut in North America

Germany-based skygraphics AG, a provider of rescue/recovery parachute solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has announced that its ProtectUAV product is available to the North American market through UAV Propulsion Tech, skygraphics' new U.S. representative.

The rescue/recovery parachute, skygraphics says, is based on the company's experience in the development and production of rescue systems for paragliders. ProtectUAV allows UAVs to land safely after missions or during out-of-control emergency situations, the company adds.

In addition, skygraphics reports that the solution will protect UAVs and payloads from damage and help minimize the potential damage to people or property on the ground.

According to skygraphics, the solution works for either fixed-wing or multi-copter UAVs with a takeoff weight between 20 kg and 200 kg. The company notes that ProtectUAV is reusable.


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