Remote Geo Offers Commercial Video Mapping Tech for DJI Inspire 1 UAVs


1438_dji_inspire_1 Remote Geo Offers Commercial Video Mapping Tech for DJI Inspire 1 UAVsRemote GeoSystems Inc., a provider of geospatial full motion video (FMV) solutions, has incorporated its LineVision software with DJI Inspire 1 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

According to the company, the LineVision capability offers DJI Inspire 1 operators the ability to create and deliver interactive video inspection and survey work by using geographic information system and computer-aided design (CAD) software such as the Esri ArcGIS Platform, Bing Maps, Google Earth & PLS-CADD.

DJI Inspire 1 users enable .SRT file logging while recording video during flight, and post-flight, LineVision will allow the users to load or upload the video and GPS track to a map.

As the video plays, a cursor moves along the GPS track on the map to constantly indicate where and when the current video view was captured based on logged GPS data.

Users can geographically navigate the video recordings by clicking any of the points along the GPS track on a map. The video then automatically advances or reverses to that point in the video so that analysts can visually interpret what was recorded at that specific place and time.

In addition to FMV, LineVision features import/upload and one-click geo-referencing of nearly any kind of rich media, including photos, audio and electronic documents or files (PDF, Microsoft Office, CAD files, etc.).

The software also offers flexible mapping options for incorporating and streaming background maps and data layers from GIS and third-party map service providers, the company says.

All these imported data types can be saved in a Remote GeoSystems .geoProject file for data portability and future analysis in LineVision software.

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