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Red Cat, a Puerto Rico-based provider of distributed data storage, analytics and services for the drone industry, has announced the beta release of its blockchain-based black box storage, analytics and services platform, which is designed to make drones more trackable and accountable.

Red Cat says its proprietary platform includes several integrated systems that enable industry regulators to track and review drone flight data, insurance companies to insure drones with reliable third-party data, and pilots to ensure compliance with regulators.

“The next phase of the aerospace industry will include commercial aircraft, helicopters and many different kinds of drones in all shapes and sizes,” states Jeff Thompson, CEO of Red Cat. “For drones to have equitable access to airspace, the industry will require reliable and immutable data to ensure accountability and trackability. We developed Red Cat’s black box analytics and storage to enable compliance for the drone industry and ensure safer skies for everyone.”

Red Cat’s current offerings include as follows:

  • Blockchain black box: Drone analytics and storage allow flight replay with customizable reports that can determine fault or performance issues. Features include encrypted flight logs and AI-powered self-diagnosis.
  • Blockchain-based distributed storage: Red Cat synchronizes separate silos of data in one product. The stored data (GPS maps and logs; video and photos; telemetry logs; inspections and assessments; and accelerometer, GYRO and PID) is secured and encrypted, allowing compliant operations. The open-source architecture integrates into any application.
  • RISC V flight controller: The system on a chip flight controller features an open-source RISC V processor.
  • Thrust engine with AI: Red Cat’s flight log track is powered by AI to automatically track drone and pilot events, including liftoff, flips, rolls, crashes, landings, etc.
  • Token ecosystem: The Red Cat wallet will enable pilots to earn tokens for achievements and sharing their flight data.

Red Cat is offering early beta-testing of its product. More information can be found here.

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