Public, Private Sectors Promote Drones as ‘Tool for Good’


1082_quad_disaster-city-300x300 Public, Private Sectors Promote Drones as 'Tool for Good'The American Red Cross and Measure, a 32 Advisors Company, have released a study detailing how drones can help first responders and improve disaster-relief efforts.

Based on input from partners and extensive field research, the report details humanitarian, safety and economic reasons to use drones for emergency response and disaster relief.

The study is the result of a coordinated effort by the public and private sectors, including Guy Carpenter & Co., Boeing/Insitu, Lockheed Martin, IBM Smarter Cities, United Parcel Service (UPS), USAA, Willis Group, and Zurich North America.

To go along with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) efforts to safely integrate drones into national airspace, the study provides guidelines for further developing and implementing the technology.

The study's findings were shared with local, state and federal emergency managers, along with officials in Congress and the Executive Branch during an event in Washington, D.C., says UPS.

‘Drones provide significant benefits to first responders, enabling them to expedite disaster-relief efforts,’ says Justin P. Oberman, president of Measure. ‘We have a unique opportunity for companies and governments to save lives and rebuild communities by using drone technology. Drones can be effective and efficient tools for humanitarian purposes; we need the right blueprint in place to help realize the potential of drones as a tool for good.’

Dan Spoor, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of aviation and unmanned systems, adds, “This study signifies a step forward in using these systems to support emergency and disaster response by helping those in need without endangering lives.’

The executive summary and study report are available here.

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