Property Drone Consortium Announces Co-Chairs

The board of the Property Drone Consortium (PDC), a group dedicated to promoting the use of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology across the insurance and construction industries, has elected Gary Sullivan and Bryan Corder to co-chair the organization for the next two years.

Sullivan is serving his second term as chair and represents founding member Erie Insurance, while Corder represents Allstate Insurance.

“Both Bryan and Gary have been involved with the PDC from its beginning and have been instrumental in forming the vision of the organization,” states PDC President Charles Mondello. “I am confident that under their leadership, the PDC will continue to guide the insurance and construction industries in the successful implementation of UAS into their everyday business practices.”

“It’s important for the PDC to continue to research and assess how we can not only efficiently implement the use of UAS into our operations, but also how we access, manage and even share the data with other organizations,” comments Corder. “I am excited to share in the leadership as we continue in this direction.”

Sullivan adds, “The PDC has begun developing public-private partnerships that will be of utmost importance in the future – especially immediately following catastrophic events. This is something that will be a high priority for us as we move forward.”


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