Property Casualty Insurance Company Leverages Kespry Drone Solution


Grinnell Mutual, a property casualty insurance company based in Grinnell, Iowa, has adopted Kespry’s drone platform for residential and commercial roof inspections.

The company now routinely uses Kespry’s drones and aerial intelligence platform to take detailed, high-resolution photos that are blended into single, composite 3D images of roofs. The images, combined with AI and machine learning-based algorithmic assessments made in the Kespry Cloud, help Grinnell Mutual’s adjusters determine storm-related damage, including hail impact, in order to make accurate claims.

“What’s nice about the Kespry system is we can knock out an average inspection within about 15 minutes,” remarks Chuck Tremain, property large-loss specialist at Grinnell Mutual. “Without a drone, a roof inspection can take up to two hours. With the drone, I have the data right there. I can look at it on-site and actually make some decisions on the spot, which is nice. Our policyholders and contractors have trusted the data and found that it is accurate. It makes us feel like we’re doing our job and getting policyholders taken care of. We’re making good on the promise we make to our policyholders.”

In addition to improving customer service, the safety benefits of using drones were also a key factor in Grinnell Mutual’s decision. Roof inspections often require climbing ladders and walking across unstable surfaces, but drone inspections mitigate this risk.

“Both Grinnell Mutual employees and customers are experiencing the benefits of using Kespry to enhance accuracy and dramatically decrease claim cycle times,” says George Mathew, CEO of Kespry. “Our platform delivers incredibly high-resolution, accurate aerial imagery and unbiased reports, creating transparency and trust among everyone involved in Grinnell Mutual’s claims cycle. We’re incredibly pleased to play a role in enhancing how Grinnell Mutual conducts inspections for the better.”

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