PropelUAS Launches to Help Organizations Implement Drones

Evans Inc., a “human-centered” solutions and products provider based out of Falls Church, Va., has launched a new division dubbed PropelUAS, helping organizations implement unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

According to Evans, PropelUAS comprises a team of unmanned systems, air traffic control, aviation training, human factors, airports and aviation strategy experts who offer the company’s “Idea to Operations” (IDEA-OPS) experience.

Evans says PropelUAS operates as a translator across a drone program’s implementation process by helping entities navigate regulatory and technology concerns. The division helps determine the correct platform, sensor or software for a job in order to create the company’s trademarked Real Operational Impact.

Targeting key organizations within a number of industries, PropelUAS focuses on four chief service offerings: strategy, operations, safety and risk mitigation.

Seeing as law enforcement is among the top target markets, PropelUAS officially launched this week at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association’s annual expo in Reno, Nev.

“PropelUAS is truly changing the game – bringing a smart, innovative and full-spectrum approach to the often overwhelming and challenging UAS program implementation process,” comments Bob Etris, director of PropelUAS and Evans’ aviation business. “The law enforcement space has continued to become more sophisticated when it comes to UAS technology and initiatives. We recognize this and see this market particularly as a place to have an early and impactful effect on the evolution of the UAS industry as a value-added partner and expert going forward.”


  1. Looking for someone to help me build and design a dron with AI installed. Large enough to carry water to a wild fire.


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