Portland Man Seeks FAA Approval for Spying Drone

366_483671499 Portland Man Seeks FAA Approval for Spying DroneA Portland, Ore., man who bought a 2.6-pound unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to conduct surveillance of a rail yard would be in violation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) laws if he goes forth with his plan.

According to a report on Oregon Live, Robert McCullough – president of the local Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association – purchased the camera-equipped UAV, dubbed the “Flying Monkey 1,” to spy on a rail yard and see if Union Pacific Railroad, which said it would replace its old locomotives, is still using them.

Because the FAA reportedly does not consider this “hobby or recreational use,” McCullough would need permission from the agency – and he intends to do so, even if it takes months.

McCullough also planned to get video footage of a “questionable” construction project in the Eastmoreland neighborhood but did not go through with it because of the vehicle’s broken propeller.

The entire Oregon Live report can be found here.


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