Polaroid is Bringing its Own Drone Line to the U.S.

Polaroid is rolling out its own line of camera-equipped drones, which will be available at retail outlets across the U.S. starting in spring and summer of this year.

The company says it is targeting the drones for “on-the-go consumers who are ready to fly.” The line has an expected MSRP of $59.99-$269.99, according to the longtime camera giant.

Each drone features a six-axis gyroscope flight stabilization system and offers multiple flight speeds. In addition, all models are paired with a dedicated 2.4 GHz remote controller.

The Polaroid PL2500 features three flight speeds with up to 15 minutes of flight time. It also includes a built-in HD 720p camera with Wi-Fi to live stream video and photos to a smartphone or tablet.

The Polaroid PL2300 offers a built-in HD 720p gimbal camera with Wi-Fi to also live-stream video and photos. It comes with three flight speeds and offers up to eight minutes of flight time.

Lastly, the Polaroid PL1000 includes a built-in HD 1080p camera with live stream video capabilities, three flight speeds and 12 minutes of flight time.

The U.S. Polaroid camera drone range is offered by Abrim Enterprises, Inc ., an authorized Polaroid licensee. Polaroid notes that all of the drones in the line weigh enough to require federal registration.

“With the introduction of our U.S. drone line, Polaroid is truly taking the experience of capturing life’s most memorable moments to a new level,” says Scott W. Hardy, president and CEO of Polaroid.


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