Pix4D Launches Hybrid Solutions for Drone Mapping

Drone mapping software developer Pix4D has launched hybrid solutions that the company says integrate mobile, desktop and cloud platforms for more flexible mapping.

The four new solutions include Pix4Dmapper Pro 3.0 for surveying, mapping and forensics; Pix4Dbim for construction; Pix4Dag for agriculture; and Pix4Dmodel for real estate.

“Having a solution with both cloud and desktop functionalities complements the needs of drone professionals,” says Lorenzo Martelletti, sales and marketing director of Pix4D, adding that the hybrid technology offers “the best of both worlds: the professional accuracy, control and detailed analysis associated with desktop; and the data timeline, analytics and collaborative tools associated with the cloud.”

Speaking on the real estate solution in particular, Christoph Strecha, Pix4D’s CEO, notes, “The fast-paced and competitive real estate industry has begun to harness technology  such as drone photography  to offer dynamic multi-media experiences of property. Drone modeling from images brings this experience to a new and more engaging level, allowing buyers to discover and explore properties through high-quality 3D content.”


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