Pix4D Brings Drone Agriculture Software to Desktop and Cloud

Pix4D has rolled out a new hybrid solution for agriculture: Users of the recently launched Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor with a license of Pix4Dmapper Ag will be able to process mapping data both in the Pix4Dmapper Ag desktop solution and the Pix4Dcloud.

Pix4D has also introduced monthly ($149) and yearly ($1,490) plans for its Pix4Dmapper Ag solutions.

Pix4D says its new solution provides more flexible processing options in agriculture. Because the Pix4D engine powers both options, the results will be equally geometric and radiometrically accurate, regardless of where they were processed, says the company.

“We were camera-agnostic; now we are both camera- and platform-agnostic,” says Christoph Strecha, founder and CEO of Pix4D. “In the end, we care more about the quality and the ease-of-use than whether mappers are processing on desktop or the cloud.”

With local processing, agronomists and farmers are internet-independent, get fast results, have access to all advanced processing tools, and maintain full privacy of their data, says Pix4D. With cloud processing, mappers are hardware-independent, have a platform to visualize and organize their data over time, and are easily able to share results.

The Pix4Dmapper Ag hybrid solution is available starting this week and includes additional monthly and yearly subscription options. Those purchasing the Pix4Dmapper Ag one-time-charge license will have the hybrid solution included for one year. Additionally, for a limited period of time, Pix4Dcloud processing is unlimited, says Pix4D.


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