PINC Develops UAV for Elevating Supply Chain Execution

680_gi_93442_pincairblack PINC Develops UAV for Elevating Supply Chain ExecutionAlameda, Calif.-based PINC Solutions, a provider of advanced yard management and supply chain execution solutions, is launching a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dubbed PINC Air.

According to the company, many large manufacturers struggle with keeping an accurate and timely inventory of supplies and high-value finished product, situated in either high-density holding areas or distributed over large facilities.

The company says it is providing the ability to efficiently and effectively survey a wide area to autonomously locate and inventory assets. Ideal applications for such aerial robotic technology include tracking trailers, finished vehicles, heavy machinery and oil exploration supplies.

Features include the following: a fully autonomous flight, automatic collision avoidance, a return-to-home feature and auto landing, industrial-grade components, automatic radio-frequency identification data collection, and optional video capture.

“This product addresses a real need for many of our customers operating at significant scale, in delivering high-value low-cost asset tracking capabilities, especially in heavy manufacturing and large lay-down yard situations,” says Matt Yearling, CEO of PINC.

Production availability of PINC Air is scheduled for early 2015.

Photo courtesy of PINC Solutions


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