Pergam Rolls out Methane Sensor for UAVs


1345_pergam_sensor_uav Pergam Rolls out Methane Sensor for UAVsCiting the need for an easy and cost-efficient method of detecting methane, Pergam has introduced a first-of-its-kind sensor that can be integrated into a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Suited for the gas leak-survey industry, the Laser Methane Copter sensor, weighing 600 1345_pergam_sensor Pergam Rolls out Methane Sensor for UAVsgrams, remotely measures and records methane emissions by using an on-board data grabber that records both the UAV flight path and the gas concentration and stores the data.

The leak data is available immediately after the flight in a standard format (XLS) to create a comprehensive report, which can be used as proof of inspection and can indicate areas with high emissions or leaks, says Pergam, which is based in Switzerland and has a sales/support office in Seattle.

Applications can include landfill emission monitoring, as well as surveys in difficult-to-access areas that normally require scaffolding.

Pergam says research institutes have successfully tested the solution and that the first orders will be delivered at the end of this month. A limited number of loaner units are also available for testing. At a later stage, the company plans to roll out a ready-to-go package that includes the UAV.1345_pergam_sensor_map Pergam Rolls out Methane Sensor for UAVs

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