Percepto Launches Next Generation of Autonomous ‘Drone-in-a-Box’


Percepto, a provider of autonomous drone solutions for industrial sites, has launched the next generation of its “drone-in-a-box” (DIB) solution.

Available now, the solution includes a portable, smaller, lighter-weight and weather-resistant base station. Adding 5G compatibility, the new DIB also features integration of 2D mapping and 3D modeling, customized reporting, and enhanced safety functions.

Percepto’s Sparrow drone automatically takes off from its base, performs assigned tasks, and returns to charge and transfer data to cloud storage upon completion of the mission.

New features enable constant site scanning and pile inspection for better inventory management. In addition, the new Percepto DIB solution is powered by the PerceptoCore Software suite, which includes customizable reports to data to actionable insights.

In order to provide greater levels of safety, units can now be equipped with an integrated parachute. Another additional safety enhancement feature is the ability to lock a drone’s position in case of loss of GPS.

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