Partnership Bringing UAV Services to Indiana Municipalities

Clear Vision Media (CVM) and Indiana Aerial Solutions are working together under an FAA 333 exemption to provide commercial aerial photography using multi-rotor aircraft for towns, cities and municipalities across Indiana.

CVM says that the Steuben County Tourism Bureau and the Steuben County Economic Development Corp. have already commissioned the company to map more than 2,000 acres, such as locations for industrial sites, industrial buildings and county industrial parks.

“We first saw this technology from the Steuben County Tourism Bureau and immediately recognized the benefits it provides for economic development,” says David Koenig, executive director of the Steuben County Economic Development Corp. “The 3D mapping and 360 aerial panoramic views that accurately show a three-mile radius with a single image were especially beneficial.”

“Flying with great accuracy, our FAA-sanctioned pilot has many advantages, such as capturing site images that can be used to accurately estimate how much earth must be moved on a given site and compare it to other sites – before the site feasibility team or the prospect has even set foot on the ground,” explains Chris Sanchez, principal partner of CVM.


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