Parrot, Workbench Create Online Drone Education Community

In an effort to encourage science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, Edtech company Workbench has partnered with Parrot to create an online education community dedicated to drones and robots.

The Parrot Education Community will allow users to share programs, video, lessons and experiences. In addition, says Workbench, the content created in the workbench can be leveraged by educators to drive interactive, hands-on learning in the classroom.

The community, built on the Workbench platform, features projects that use drones and robots to teach STEM skills such as geometry, science, art, physics and coding. With its fully integrated and customized learning management system, the system can be used by teachers to assign lessons and monitor student progress.

“Tomorrow’s jobs will use the latest technologies, such as drones, to accomplish new things, and Parrot offers some of the best teaching drones on the market today,” says Chis Sleat, Workbench’s founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to help Parrot galvanize their community by helping educators access and share dynamic lessons that help prepare students for advanced learning. It is truly an exciting time in education.”


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