Parrot, Explorimmo Offer 3D Drone Models for Real Estate

Parrot Air Support, Parrot’s dedicated new subsidiary that uses drones to offer 2D and 3D imaging solutions for the real estate and construction industry, is presenting two new services developed jointly with online and mobile real estate company Explorimmo.

First, a “full virtual tour” will offer a fluid immersion between a property’s interior and exterior. Parrot’s drone-captured data will provide a photorealistic, 3D model of the building’s outer shell, repositioned within its environment. This model is then enriched with a virtual tour of the property’s interior by Explorimmo’s teams.

Second, for “promotional project monitoring,” during the various stages involved in building a property – which takes one to two years, on average – a series of 3D models is created to keep buyers informed about progress made with their projects.

According to Parrot, the use of 3D modeling makes it possible to offer even more realistic views of properties being built. In addition, the technology can exclude various construction elements, such as cranes, and virtually tidy up the worksite.


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