First Summit-Style Drone Dealer Expo Targets Distribution Channel

BZ Media LLC says the first Drone Dealer Expo, which targeted the drone distribution channel, recently attracted nearly 500 attendees from 17 countries.

Held in Orlando last month, the three-day summit brought together manufacturers, distributors, dealers and integrators to exchange ideas and techniques and learn about new products and selling opportunities.

The event featured keynotes from companies including Parrot, Yuneec, SkyLogic Research and Amazon, as well as more than 40 sessions focused on growth opportunities for retailers and tactics for more effective sales and marketing. The event also featured a drone racing exhibition.

“The drone industry is exploding, and as it matures, more and more product will be moved through reseller distribution channels to reach the ultimate buyer,” explains Ted Bahr, CEO of BZ Media. “This summit-style conference enabled more in-depth conversations and business to get done than at the busy mega-events.”

Speaker Jonathan Rupprecht, Esq., says, “Drone Dealer Expo was specifically targeted and hit the bull’s-eye of educating resellers about business essentials (legal, social media, marketing, etc.) and facilitating relationships between businesses involved in selling, manufacturing and integrating drones.”


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