Orbit GT Rolls Out Latest Version of UAS Mapping Software


Belgium-based Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies (Orbit GT) has released version 10.9 of its unmanned aerial system (UAS) mapping software solution.

The company says the mapping software provides the geographic information system (GIS) tools required for a stereo or corridor coverage flight for all UAS. Orbit GT adds that the solution enables users to post-process imagery to a high-precision mapping result.

According to the company, the software, when bundled with the Orbit GIS engine, also allows users to visualize the flight plan of hardware manufacturers or create a flight plan by defining a coverage area or line-inspection project. The software calculates the required waypoints and writes down a full mono or stereo image coverage of projects, Orbit GT notes.

‘As a major feature, Orbit UAS mapping 10.9 now supports all professional [unmanned aerial vehicle] mapping systems and adds new features to speed up and complete this innovative mapping solution,’ comments Peter Bonne, vice president of business development and senior product manager at Orbit GT.

‘This 10.9 version of the Orbit UAS mapping software covers all post-flight requirements to set up and automate highly precise mapping and survey projects of your specific [unmanned aerial vehicle] system, resulting in ready-to-use, quality ortho, [digital surface model], detailed accuracy reports and stereo maps for 3D viewing and state-of-the-art mapping jobs,’ he adds.

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