Officials Hope to Bring UAS Research and Development Facility to North Dakota

Officials from Grand Forks County, N.D., are finalizing an agreement to develop Grand Sky, a business and technology park that will support all phases of development and operations of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Construction is anticipated to take place in 2014, with spaces available for tenants by 2015.

Project planners say this is a significant milestone for North Dakota and are excited about the potential for Grand Sky to help the UAS industry grow.

Grand Sky will bring together government, military, academic and private organizations to develop and integrate new technologies and improve operational performance for government, defense and commercial industries. Business park features will include approximately 225 acres of campus and total facility development of about 1.2 million square feet of space.

Grand Sky will support both military- and civilian-based systems developers with the goal of integrating unmanned systems into commercial applications, such as North Dakota's agricultural and energy industries.

‘As opportunities for UAS development expand, everything necessary for a strong sector – operations, training, research and development – will converge at Grand Sky,’ says John Schmisek, Grand Forks County commissioner.


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