NVdrones Teams With senseFly for Flight Log Integration

NVdrones, a start-up offering cloud-based software solutions for drone fleet management, has announced flight log compatibility with senseFly, a provider of professional drone solutions.

NVdrones says it has adopted the Global UTM Association’s (GUTMA) flight logging protocol that senseFly helped develop and adopt. Under the new partnership, senseFly pilots can now upload drone flight logs to NVdrones’ fleet management software. The two companies are currently building a direct integration from senseFly’s eMotion software to NVdrones and are calling on pilots to test this functionality. They are also calling on more manufacturers to adopt the GUTMA protocol in order to standardize flight logging industry-wide.

“senseFly is an innovative company that many of our customers have asked us to support,” says Kevin Mukai, CEO and co-founder of NVdrones. “We are honored to partner with senseFly in pioneering flight logging standardization throughout the industry.”

Samuel Dépraz, regulatory project manager at senseFly, adds, “The standardization of flight logging is an important milestone for the drone industry to reach in the coming years as more and more authorities require pilot flight records. NVdrones has shown a willingness to commit resources to propel this standardization supported by GUTMA, and our team is excited to be working with NVdrones on this effort.”

According to NVdrones, pilots from more than 50 countries have logged over 80,000 flights to its software, which also offers direct syncing with DJI GO and DroneDeploy.

On the heels of the senseFly announcement, NVdrones is also rolling out new product pricing plans. Free plans come standard with unlimited flight syncing with DJI GO and DroneDeploy, and premium plans offer functionality such as project management, monthly activity reporting, and multi-user organizations.


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