NVdrones Launches Mobile App for Drone Fleet Management

NVdrones, a start-up providing cloud-based software solutions for drone fleet management, has launched its Android mobile app, NVDash.

“We estimate up to 40 percent of drone businesses currently use paper and pencil to monitor their organization,” says Emerick Varga, CEO of NVdrones. “In an industry that’s pushing technological limits each and every day, drone management tools lag far behind.”

NVdrones says its founders spoke with hundreds of drone pilots before the company wrote a single line of code for the app. During their research, they found that customizable checklists, real-time airspace and weather information, and team and equipment management are must-haves for any drone team.

NVdrones says more than 500 companies deploying drones have signed up for the beta program, which has been ongoing over the past three months.

Varga says the app analyzes the drone’s internal black-box sensor data.

“Ninety-nine percent of commercial drones record crucial sensor data during every flight, but there are insufficient tools to make sense of the data,” he explains. “Established drone teams already use this data to get ahead of their competitors; now we’re bringing it to the rest of the industry.”

The company’s technology also uses AirMap for airspace intelligence. (AirMap recently made its platform of application programming interfaces and software development kits [SDKs] available to the drone industry.)

“We built the AirMap Platform to help innovators like NVdrones build amazing applications for drones,” says Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap. “We’re excited to see how NVdrones utilizes our SDK to help make drones part of everyday life.”

Drone pilots can download the app and sign up to be a beta tester at nvdrones.com.


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