Nova Scotia Police Force Gets Five New UAVs

440_police_drones_4.11.2014 Nova Scotia Police Force Gets Five New UAVsThe Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Nova Scotia have obtained – and already put in action – five new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

CBC News reports that the aircraft, which cost about $30,000 each, can operate in the air for 20 minutes. In 2013, the RCMP in Saskatchewan reportedly used a UAV and its infrared camera to save a missing man who had walked away from the scene of a car crash.

The vehicles are Draganflyer X4-ES systems from Draganfly Innovations Inc., according to the company website, and will be used in applications such as “traffic reconstruction situations, search and rescue, emergency response team calls, and major crime investigations.”

Draganfly says the Nova Scotia RCMP have already used the vehicle to collect evidence at a car crash.

The Criminal Property Forteiture Fund of Manitoba said recently that it was giving C$205,000 to the RCMP to purchase new equipment, including a UAV.


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