NoFlyZone Creates Way to Establish Residential Drone Barriers

889_101190753 NoFlyZone Creates Way to Establish Residential Drone BarriersNoFlyZone is offering a global database, supported by drone manufacturers and operators, that establishes no-fly zones over residential properties.

Using, individuals enter their address to create a virtual barrier – or geo-fence – around their property. Drone companies participating in NoFlyZone's consortium honor the requests for privacy as they update software on their drones. Launch participants include EHANG, DroneDeploy, YUNEEC, HEXO+, PixiePath and RCFlyMaps.

NoFlyZone says it will soon offer people the ability to set customized airspace access preferences. For example, individuals will be able to clarify that they may not want camera drones over their property but that they do want to receive packages delivered by drone.

Existing privacy laws and court rulings only go so far to protect personal privacy, the company explains. By allowing homeowners to register their properties on its online database, the company opens communication between people who want privacy and the drone manufacturers and operators using the skies above them.

‘Drones have grown beyond just a recreational hobby. They're immensely popular around the world, and as usage is growing exponentially, people should to be aware of the great things drones can do for them, as well as their own privacy rights,’ says Ben Marcus, founder and CEO of NoFlyZone.

‘Our mission is simple: to provide structure for the safe, reliable, responsible and sustainable growth of the drone industry by giving property owners a better way to interact with operators,’ he adds.


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