No Drones Allowed at Austin’s SXSW Festival

985_gettyimages_528888349 No Drones Allowed at Austin's SXSW Festivalstyle=’text-align: left;’>There is a ban on drones at the upcoming 2015 South By Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

Chaotic Moon Studios, a creative technology studio in Austin, Texas, is expressing its disappoint over the drone ban.

The company's newest drone, Tyrone, which can tag a wall with spray paint, accost onlookers with silly string or deter attackers with a three-foot flame, was originally 985_chaotic_moon No Drones Allowed at Austin's SXSW Festivalsupposed to debut during the festival.

However, Art Acevedo, Austin chief of police, is taking no chances with public safety and issued a complete ban on drones. If anyone fails to follow the rules, he or she could suffer a fine, go to jail or have the aircraft confiscated, Chaotic Moon Studios explains.

“SXSW has a strict no drones policy due to the safety risks drones present to the public, and pursuant to City of Austin Ordinance, Chapter 13-1,” SXSW explains in a post.

“While SXSW may make exceptions to this policy if the drones are used within certain trade show areas where safety measures, such as tethering to the ground, are implemented, the airwaves and/or frequency spectrums generally used in the remote control of drones are too congested during the SXSW event to ensure operation safe from interference.”

SXSW also adds that Austin police will be enforcing the same rules for unmanned aircraft in “crowded and/or public areas” throughout the city.

The Small UAV Coalition posted the following on Twitter: “Disappointing that #SXSW isn't supporting #drones – one of our nation's most innovative industries.”

‘Drone Tyrone is about pushing the utility aspects of drone and beacon technology,’ says Ben Lamm of Chaotic Moon Studios. ‘We wanted to prove that you can use these vehicles for more than just aerial photography.’

Lamm adds, ‘We got a lot of flak last year for the taser drone, but we did that to start a real dialogue about citizen drone surveillance and submission. The technology was outpacing the legislation, and that event was a huge catalyst for public awareness and education.’

‘We'll figure out how to debut TYRONE, one way or another. We didn't get where we are by asking for permission,” says Lamm.


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