NFL Team Asks for Stricter Policies on Drone Operations

637_458692257 NFL Team Asks for Stricter Policies on Drone OperationsIn an effort to look out for the safety of fans and players, the Tennessee Titans organization, a National Football League (NFL) team that plays in Nashville, is looking for new rules concerning unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

WSMV Nashville reports that the Titans have written in a letter to the metro’s police that they should reach out to the state’s legislature to enact a bill that regulates the use of UAVs for crowded events in the city, as well as the Titans’ practices at LP Field. Recent videos containing aerial footage of the stadium have surfaced recently, as seen here.

In a statement to WSMV, the Titans organization says it “would like to see more specific regulations on drone activities as it relates to publicly owned venues” and that these updated rules “would fill in the gaps of existing policies.” It notes that fan safety is “clearly” the motive behind the initiative.

As for recent reports of UAV disruptions in football, fans spotted a UAV over them during an August NFL preseason game at the Carolina Panthers’ stadium in Charlotte, N.C. Not long after that, a UAV was caught hovering inside and near a University of Texas Austin football game.

The full WSMV Nashville report can be found here.


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