New York Giants Use UAV; Manning Unfazed

1301_eli_manning New York Giants Use UAV; Manning UnfazedHigh school, college and professional football teams have been known to implement unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) videography in recent times, and the NFL's New York Giants are revealing, specifically, how they have been doing so.

According to a post from the official site of the Giants, the video department – following weeks of practice flights – recently flew a new DJI Phantom 3 roughly 50-60 feet over a minicamp session.

The report says quarterbacks Eli Manning and Ryan Nassib were unfazed by the aircraft, which offered a way for coaches to later get an aerial view of the team’s plays.

This type of drone use is not going unnoticed by the Federal Aviation Administration, however, which, according to a Mashable article, is investigating the operations, along with those of the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys.


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