Fort Collins, Colo.-based Remote GeoSystems Inc., a geospatial software and hardware company, has released Video GeoTagger, which enables users to geotag video from drones.

According to the company, Video GeoTagger is suited for unmanned aircraft systems, action cameras, cell phones, and handheld and professional video systems. For manually geotagging videos, users can select as many points of interest along the map as they want. For videos that are already geotagged, Video GeoTagger also serves as map-based video viewer with a position indicator that moves along a GPS track on the map, indicating where the current video view was captured. Users can click any point along the track to “navigate” the video linked with GPS to a particular location.

In addition, an optional panel offers virtual navigation instruments and gauges, which display information pulled from the GPS companion file, including heading, speed, date and time, and altitude.

The tool also includes flight log support for DJI drones. This includes the ability to decrypt and geotag using the DJI flight record data log, as well as play back videos recorded with SRT file logging and closed captioning turned on.

The tool is offered in free and pro versions. More information on the two can be found here.

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