New UAV Transforms from Bracelet to Aerial Photographer

Now you can have your drone and wear it, too: A group is developing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is launched straight from the operator's wrist.

As part of Intel's ‘Make It Wearable’ challenge, a team of technology experts has come up with “Nixie,” a flexible quadcopter that wraps around the wrist and then flies up when the operator makes a recognized gesture.

“It knows where you are – it turns around, takes a picture of you, comes back,” says Nixie’s team leader, Christoph Kohstall, in a YouTube video from The Creators Project. Then, he explains, “you catch it in the air and put it back on your wrist.”

Using the Intel Edison chip, the team is creating prototypes with different powers that provide different lifts for the aircraft.

The video explains that the drone is able to capture the “most special moments” that you miss when you don’t have a photographer to get them for you. “Nixie takes the picture that you wish you had always had but couldn’t because you didn’t want to stop the action,” adds project manager Jelena Jovanoic, in the video – which can be found here.


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