New UAS Displays Images on 7-Inch Transceiver Touchscreen

Hobbico Inc., an Illinois-headquartered radio-control product company, has created what it says is the first camera-equipped drone that displays aerial images on a seven-inch touchscreen integrated into the transceiver.

Called the Hobbico ORA, the unmanned aerial system (UAS) features a 14.6-inch diameter and an on-board 1080p HD camera.

According to the company, the ORA delivers out-of-the-box aerial photo and video capture with no need for radio-control piloting experience. All images are recorded on an SD card built into the drone – providing higher resolution than that of systems using the transceiver for data capture, Hobbico says.

Use of the 5.8 GHz radio band instead of the typical 2.4 GHz or Wi-Fi ensures a more robust connection, as well as a 500-meter (3/10-mile) flight control and video signal range not available from other solutions, according to the company.

The seven-inch first-person view (FPV) touchscreen built into the ORA transceiver displays what the UAS’ on-board camera sees in real time, eliminating the need to use a cellphone, tablet or other third-party device to view captured images. One-, two- and three-axis gimbal options are available, each designed also to accept GoPro cameras.

The transceiver has an integrated Android device for programming ORA functions through the touchscreen. A separate organic-LED telemetry screen displays flight data such as GPS coordinates, altitude and battery-power status. The UAS also features a return-to-home option and built-in GPS programming.

The Hobbico ORA is scheduled for early 2015 release at an MSRP of $1,500-$2,000, depending on the battery, gimbal and camera configuration. The package will include the drone, 10-channel touchscreen transceiver, gimbal, batteries and charger.


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