New Start-Up Creating Drone Fleet Management Platform


747_pixiepathlogo New Start-Up Creating Drone Fleet Management PlatformAnticipating a growing need to effectively manage drone fleets for businesses, entrepreneur and software engineer Bryan Field-Elliot has launched a new company that is building a marketplace-oriented Software-as-a-Service platform for drone application development, distribution and task execution.

Dubbed PixiePath, the Santa Barbara, Calif.-headquartered company allows drones within a fleet to communicate with the cloud to efficiently execute workloads.

The orchestration platform provides tools to easily build complex drone applications and manages those applications and drones in real time, the start-up explains.

Rather than creating on-board software already carried by most drones, PixiePath says, it focuses on external-control software that oversees and manages the movements of entire drone fleets performing least-cost routing functions, battery monitoring, location awareness and task completion.

Additionally, Field-Elliot says, the PixiePath platform can utilize public and private application programming interfaces to further enhance integration with other services and data sources.

The company says it has working, proprietary, cloud-based technology capable of managing multiple drones operating in air or water or on land. The start-up is now actively seeking partnering companies to further test, refine and expand the service.

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