New Spectral Sensing Kit Can be Used in UAV Remote Monitoring

Ocean Optics, a Dunedin, Fla.-based supplier of solutions for optical sensing, has introduced a new set of spectral sensing tools for deploying spectroscopy in applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for remote monitoring.

The STS Developers Kit brings together its STS spectrometer, a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, customizable software and wireless capabilities for integrating spectral sensing quickly and easily, the company says.

The kit can be configured for a variety of scientific, process monitoring and environmental applications. Other than mounting on UAVs for remote monitoring, uses include developing handheld devices for light metrology or color measurement and creating cloud connected measurement clusters.

Once connected to a WiFi network, the spectrometer can be controlled through a phone, tablet or computer Web browser. The core of the kit is the STS microspectrometer, Ocean Optics says, which is less than 42 mm square and 24 mm high.

In addition, the company explains, high thermal stability performance and low baseline drift ensure that data stays accurate, even under changing environmental conditions. The STS Developer Kit offers the choice of three STS models: STS-UV (190-650 nm), STS-Vis (350-800 nm) and STS-NIR (650-1100 nm).


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