New MicaSense RedEdge Drone Sensor Enters Market


Seattle-based MicaSense has released RedEdge-M, the next version of the company’s RedEdge multispectral sensor for drones.

Easily integrated into a wide variety of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), RedEdge-M enables agricultural enterprises, growers and researchers to optimize management practices, streamline operations, detect stress and disease early, and capture accurate data for scientific analysis, the company says.

According to MicaSense, the new sensor – now in a smaller size and at a lower cost – offers a low weight, low power requirement and multiple integration options.

Specifically, the company says, RedEdge-M offers the following key benefits:

  • A small form factor to allow for integration with many UAS platforms;
  • Simultaneous capture of five discrete spectral bands, including RGB color;
  • Global shutter design for distortion-free results;
  • Calibration for precise, repeatable measurements;
  • Expanded input voltage range to handle more integrations without voltage converters;
  • Included downwelling light sensor and calibrated reflectance panel;
  • Open APIs and standard formats, allowing for compatibility with multiple processing platforms;
  • Rugged design with no moving parts; and
  • Included storage case.

The RedEdge-M is now available through the MicaSense website or through a number of the company’s partners.

“We are excited to offer in RedEdge-M a more flexible, powerful and accessible solution,” says Gabriel Torres, CEO and co-founder of MicaSense.

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