New Mexico Forbids Hunters from Using Drones


388_470798337 New Mexico Forbids Hunters from Using DronesNew Mexico has become the fourth state in the U.S. to put a ban on hunting assisted by unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

According to a New Mexico Watchdog report, the state's Game Commission voted 5 to 1 in the ruling. Alaska, Colorado and Montana already have bans in place.

The Commission Meeting Agenda Briefing gives the following summary of the proposal:

“The Department will present a final proposal to change the Hunting and Fishing Manner and Method rule prohibiting drones as a method to assist in hunting for game. The proposal includes a definition of drones, a prohibition against the use drones to harass wildlife and a prohibition against using drones to take or assist in hunting protected wildlife.”

In other words, UAS cannot be used in “looking for game, locating it [or] seeing where they are,” Bill Montoya, the vice chairman of the commission, explained to the New Mexico Watchdog. He called using UAS “unsportsmanlike” in that it “doesn’t give the animals a chance.”

If caught using UAS, hunters could be stuck with hefty fines up to $500 and could even get their licenses and weapons taken away.

The entire New Mexico Watchdog report can be found here.

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